How To Strike The Google Penguin Changes With Your Web Design

The importance of the primary marks follows this order; quality content, social value, user experience, website designing and SEO. The whole SEO strategy is based on these elements. The success of any SEO strategy lies in how well the company uses the understanding of social media networks, written content and link building.
The three (3) main things that work in collaboration with SEO are reputation management, online branding and visibility.

here how to strike the Google penguin changes with web design

top 5 SEO tips to beat Google penguin with web design: #

1. Get rid of all similar anchor links: #

Your content can left best on its own without any monotonous anchor links. If you post a well-written content with relevant graphics, don’t worry, it will do its job. In order to make the links branded a wise option is to diversify those links.

2. Get rid of harmful domain names and websites: #

If you are planning to buy a domain name or a website, make sure to research the background and history in order to avoid buying a website that have a poor repute with search engines.

If any search engine declared a website spam, or disreputable, no SEO professional will get you to the top of the search engine ranking very soon.

3. Relationships always matter so build a good character: #

As with the advancement of social media networks, nowadays going social is one of the highest rated priorities. Rather than wasting your precious time in building spammy links, it’s better to spend your time to improve your company’s online presence and brand reputation.
Your aim should not on one boost in SERP or one sale, but it should be something significantly more considerable.

4. The mobile is the future: #

As with the advancement of technology now more and more people are using the Internet through smart phones and other handheld devices, therefore, it is necessary that your website must have a mobile interface.

Mobile visitors always attract by interesting mobile apps which are easy to use. You can find a number of mobile design services or templates on the Internet, which help you to create a customized design. There are slightly different composition and structure of the mobile SEO because customers use a different approach while searching from their mobile phones.

5. Develop relevant content throughout website: #

Review your website design and jot down the elements in the header that completely reflects your company’s vision. Make sure to also display your organizational mission prominently. On a constant basis, analyze the content of your website, semantic structure and other outgoing links.

Your content’s characteristics: #

Content acts as a best SEO tool and has immense power. Always make sure to post creative and original content, analyze what you have written, post regularly, and reply to your visitors’ comments and reactions.

If you don’t have much time it’s better to hire website designing company in Dubai that also must have SEO professionals, who can do this important work on your behalf.


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