JavaScript Frameworks And Mobile App Development

Web technology is evolving swiftly and discovering new horizons as every year we are seeing something new coming for developers, so if we say if there are apps to develop then there are development tools to help developers. The app market is expanding with time especially after smart phones have hit the market and now there are millions of users accessing different applications on their smart phones.

Most popular frameworks for mobile application developers

The fastest growing app market is demanding fast supply of new; innovative yet very reliable supply of apps and that is shifting huge pressure on mobile and web app development companies. There are different companies working on various tools some are specialized in web technologies and some are specialized in mobile while there are many who are capturing both departments in a better way.

If the developed app is not delivered on time then it would be hard for it to make its space because during the gap many apps will come to replace it. That is why companies are looking for professionals who can deal with the challenges in least time.

To deal with the time lapse issue there are different frameworks which are developed and widely used by developers. These pre-programmed modules, platform frameworks and different APIs are developed and they are helping developers to develop mobile apps in least time.

These apps are reducing sufficient time which was spend in visualization, testing, programming and launch of the app that is the major reason why these pre-programmed apps are getting famous among developers.

Appcelerator Titanium - An Ideal Framework for Mobile Application Developer #

In this article we are discussing one of the famous mobile application frameworks for mobile app developer.

Appcelerator Titanium

The software is Appcelerator which is among the most famous JavaScript frameworks used for mobile technology. The app is also known as Appcelerator Titanium, the mobile app development framework or platform provider is a web based tool as it uses web technologies and provide support to develop different apps build for android and iPhone.

The platform has 5000 APIs stored in its library and they are widely used to develop innovative hybrid applications for mobile web as well as other related applications. The tool also provides information related to location and also allow developers to use their existing skills in order to build more innovative mobile applications.

Titanium adds more in the existing knowledge of a developer and helps them to develop an extraordinary app within no time that is why most developers are relying upon this technology. The framework helps developers to develop mobile application for android as well as iPhone clients.

Titanium app uses JavaScript engine to execute all types of programs. Now Titanium has expanded its architecture in order to supply support for iPad application and now developers are using this tool to develop iPhone, Android and iPad applications. Therefore mobile applications development companies in Dubai are using this software with other modern day technologies that is why they are able to provide the best mobile applications in minimum time.


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