PC Tune Up Tips

Tuning up a PC is not necessarily a job of a PC expert. You should understand how to tune up your PC if you own a personal computer. Even if you work in an organization, yet these tips will be beneficial, as they do not have any concern with your personal information.

Why You Need PC Tune Up?

Would it be computer or a human, it will lose its speed and energy if you do not clean it consistently. If you buy a new computer, you would definitely love its speed and functionality. However, after sometime, you will start hating your machine, for its slow speed and other problems like ‘hanging-up’, or frequently shutting down etc. You might also feel difficulty in browsing or loading a web page. Most often such problems are associated with the internet speed, however, the problem is actually with the tuning of the computer. Once, you tune up your computer, you will start loving it all over again.


First of all, you need to understand what causes your PC to lose its speed. If your CPU usage is too much extensive, then your PC loses its speed, and the CPU usage increases when you are running such programs that rely on the processor of your computer. Different processes are used for checking this. For example, for a Windows computer, you should click on the Task Bar, and then ‘start Task Manager’. Click on the ‘Processses’ tab on the second right side of the task manager, and then click on CPU. It will show you the current status of computer running programs. The tab of ‘System Idle Process’ will show you that how much system is free and in idle state. Your spyware can lower the speed of your CPU, so you should be very selective in this regard. A crashed program might also lower down the speed.

Secondly, you should understand what tuning up does? The answer is:
Defragmenting the disk,

Repairing the registry of the system,

Deleting unnecessary files of your system, primarily the duplicate files,
Uninstalling or removing all the programs which were not properly installed earlier,

Checking the driver updates, and

Removing any such data that you do not need any further for your browsers.
Now, if you are an advanced computer user, then you might know the cleanup tips, from which a few will be given in the next points. However, if you are a beginner or an average computer user, then you should opt for a nice PC tune up program. Slimware Utilities Slimcleaner is an award-winning program, which is totally free and does not require any license also. CCleaner is also rated among the top PC tune up programs.

If you want to clean up your computer on your own, then search ‘disk cleanup’, and you will find the list of unwanted files and folders. Delete all of them.

For disk defregmentation, search ‘disk defregmenter’, and defregment the unwanted files. Usually its C drive. You can just right click the drive and click defregment.


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