Tips To Design The Friendliest UI For Your Startup Website

If you’ve set up your startup in the UAE, the hub of commerce, and want to expand it globally, the first and the most critical thing to do to is to launch a website that shows the whole world, what your products/services are all about.

But in case, you thought designing and developing the right website for your startup venture was easy, you’ve got another think coming! The most important aspect of a website is the user interface because it is the medium users will interact with. The question is how friendly your UI design is?

Tips for designing the friendliest UI for your startup website

In the presence of a friendly user interface, you’ve invested in a lifelong supply of visitors to your website. If you’re unfortunate and you’ve ended up with a poorly designed user interface, not only is it going to affect your visitors, but also your business that’s just started growing!

Save your business from losses and your startup website form angry, frustrated visitors and opt expert web development companies to develop your user interface. The best names can understand what your users want, and they’re here to make sure you get it right!

Tips for designing the friendliest UI for your startup: #

The right user interface design is just a few steps away with the right team. Once done, it’s sure to bring about the right customers in the large numbers. With the right user interface not only are you visitors more relaxed when going through your website but they will also make sure others know about it too!

Keep it simple #

The best user interface knows the user’s desire for simplicity which is why it is important that the interface remains invisible for users. It should also keep the language, text and labels simple.

Keep it consistent #

Consistency is the leading cause of comfort. When the users see the same elements repeatedly, they are more comfortable and quick at getting things done. Patterns also hold a lot of importance in the creation of sites. As it helps facilitate users and makes the process all the more efficient.

Opt for a purposeful page layout #

Structuring your pages in terms of importance is critical. If the placement of your items is thought out the right way, it’s bound to draw attention to the most critical information.

Use the right color and text #

Colors can be used to highlight or take attention away from specific objects on a page. The font you use for the pages should be legible, which can be achieved using the right size and format. The readability and scan-ability of the text can be enhanced by merely using a suitable fort for your interface

Opt for default settings #

By using default items in the site, you’re reducing the burden on your user. Some design items may need you to fill out forms, so this comes in handy too.

Easy navigation #

It’s essential for the UI to be easy to navigate. Let your users experience ease when it comes to navigation through your site. Ease of use and good functionalities are aspects of ideal websites.

Make it responsive #

Perhaps the most annoying websites are those that are slow at responding which makes them frustrating for users. A user interface is also responsive when it can be accessed using different devices. Since people use handheld devices to access websites today, it’s critical to allow websites to be viewed on different devices.

Make it attractive! #

Startups in the UAE have considerably attractive websites; you may have noticed! It’s not only about the information that’s on your site. A website should be attractive to look at too. A user interface that’s pleasing to look at will be enjoyable by all users. Keep it simple, yet spice it up a bit to make it attractive for users.

Take away!

Admit it; we have all clicked X when we see a highly unattractive, inefficient or slow website. For a site to be attractive in the eyes of the user, it’s important for its user interface to be designed taking into consideration the mindset of the users!

For the friendliest interface, it’s important to opt for experts of web development companies in Dubai to help you design the user interface for your website! With the best services, your eyes are guaranteed to remain hooked to the screens.


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