3 Critical Website Usability Issues You Need To Fix To Retain E-Customers

As online shopping takes the world by storm, the importance of an easy to use. Well designed, well-structured E-store comes to light. More and more businesses today are hoping to expand their customer base by the inclusion of E-stores in their portfolio. And it seems to be going well with consumers.

The online spending of consumers was expected to reach 9.8 Billion dollars by the end of 2018. As the trend for shopping online increases in the Middle East, it has become essential for a business to come up with foolproof designs of their E-stores to ensure the customers remain pleased with them.

Critical website usability issues

To keep up with changes and issues in your web design, opt for companies in website maintenance Dubai. The best in the field ensure that your E-store remains an ideal store that your customers love to shop from.

Here are Three Common Website Usability Issues in E-Store #

The following text highlights critical usability issues in websites that may bother your customers and need to be fixed ASAP:

Mini-Clickable areas #

The purpose of a hyperlink in a text is to allow it to be clicked. Which makes it critical that they are easily spotted and easily clicked. Links that are too small or text containing hyperlinks that are too small makes it easier for the client to look for stuff.

A size-able clickable area is a requirement of websites because hand movements aren’t very precise and in the presence of a larger clickable area, padding is present which makes it easier to access the link.

Breaking down pages #

It is understandable for E-stores to break off their pages to accommodate a long list of products. A page with numerous products may become harder to upload, and the browsing may become slower.

Today, however, an increased number of websites are breaking pages to increase the number of page views. It seems logical too, as these pages depend upon page views to collect revenue.

Breaking pages allows more space for advertisements so that they can squeeze more money from sponsors.

It’s important to know that flipping through 5 pages just to read a single article isn’t only “not fun” but its also frustrating for the person browsing through your page. Secondly, it creates an unnecessary barrier between you and your visitors.

Another reason to avoid unnecessarily breaking pages is Search engine searches according to your keywords may become diluted. The broken up pages would contain a smaller number of keywords for the searches, negatively affecting your search engine results.

Inability to reach businesses directly #

Regardless of the services or products you’re selling, it’s essential to allow users to engage with you. It’s important to build a loyal customer base which will help develop loyal communities. Customers appreciate it when you answer their questions on time because it means you care about their problems.

Numerous websites today include “Contact Us” forms and an FAQ section, but they conveniently forget the direct contact information including phone numbers, email, and online support.

When it comes to problems with your E-store, it’s not just a couple that may discourage shoppers from buying from you. If your site’s navigation seems to be troubling users, read: how to improve the website navigation for apparel store to know how it can be made better.

Take away #

Although constructing a website may seem to be the end of the journey, maintaining websites to cater to issues that may bother users is essential too. However, with experts in website maintenance, user satisfaction, and returning customers are a guarantee for your E-store.

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