Essential Features Your Startup Ecommerce Website Needs

What started off as a virtual marketplace has now become a sphere with its independent market share in a nation’s industry! Owing to the many benefits it provides customers over physical stores, ecommerce is taking the consumer world by storm!

According to forecasted stats, the UAE ecommerce market value in the year 2018 amounted to about 10 billion USD. The GCC ecommerce may quadruple to about $20 billion by the year 2019. The increased reliance on ecommerce websites have got customers relaxed and lined up in front of their computer screens for their purchases.

essential e commerce website features

The best ecommerce development companies offer their services that can help you design the professional websites that your customers will love! However, here are some features that you should consider during making of ecommerce store while doing it yourself.

Critical features to have on your e-commerce website: #

The following article refers to features that are essential when it comes to ecommerce websites:

Search tabs and login fields #

Customer login, search bars and shopping carts are perhaps the crucial features of an e-commerce store. Their importance can be assessed form the position assigned to them at the top of all pages.

Shopping online can only be done with the help of these features as it allows online shoppers to check out and select the products needed. If your customers create an account with you, it’s a great way to keep them coming back for more.

Call to action #

When it comes to ecommerce websites and online shopping, it helps to have a “call to action button” embedded into the site. It’s one thing to embed a call to action button but entirely something different when a customer acts on it!

Unclear requirements of the “Call to Action” button can lead towards misunderstandings and the customer may prefer leaving the page. It’s important to be focused on what needs to be done by the customers. For example: join an email list, or subscribe to newsletters.

Customers respond well to offers, so add urgency by putting up expiry dates or offer gifts on certain offers.

Professional Business Logo #

Logos are visual representations of brands and are the tools people use to associate with your business. This makes it an essential marketing tool. This highlights the importance of a business logo and the importance associated with getting it noticed. A logo attracts customer to your ecommerce store and also reassures them that “you” can be trusted.

Fun Deals, exciting offers and new products #

Better than any marketing schemes, is a way to allow customers to save money on shopping. Because customers love saving! Creating offers and sales encourages individuals to buy, thinking they’re saving more. And any other offers tend to encourage them to shop from there.

Free shipping, free delivery is just some of the many offers that are used today to encourage them to shop from online commerce stores

Latest news #

Whether it’s a new product you’re launching or a campaign that you’re inviting the customers to participate in, use the homepage to keep the customers entertained and knowledgeable about the latest trends. The home page allows the users to spot the events as quickly as possible.

Essential contact information #

It’s important to allow buyers to interact with customers in case of queries and feedback or concerns. This calls for a 24/7 hotline with a support team that’s available to chat with people having trouble. Support teams tend to optimize user experiences and promote your business ethics among your many customers.

Thoughtfully designed ecommerce websites contain links and icons that have various functionalities. These include icons that are related to security, payment systems and other critical social media links for the website. These icons are a way of conveying to your customers that you’re secure and trustworthy and their experience with you will be safe!

Take away #

Whether you’re new in the business or you’re one of the older generation ecommerce buyers or seller. It is essential to remain up to date about the trends within the E-commerce industry. Opt for professionals in ecommerce website development solutions in Dubai and stay up to date about the changing requirements of the virtual marketplace!


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