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Tips To Design The Friendliest UI For Your Startup Website

If you’ve set up your startup in the UAE, the hub of commerce, and want to expand it globally, the first and the most critical thing to do to is to launch a website that shows the whole world, what your products/services are all about.

But in case, you thought designing and developing the right website for your startup venture was easy, you’ve got another think coming! The most important aspect of a website is the user interface because it is the medium users will interact with. The question is how friendly your UI design is?

Tips for designing the friendliest UI for your startup website

In the presence of a friendly user interface, you’ve invested in a lifelong supply of visitors to your website. If you’re unfortunate and you’ve ended up with a poorly designed user interface, not only is it going to affect your visitors, but also your business that’s just started growing!

Save your business from losses and your startup website form angry...

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How To Perform Local SEO Audit For Your Website

Till now, everyone has understood that SEO is an indispensable requirement for the survival of website over the internet. However, the phenomenon of localization in search optimization is relatively something new for the website owners.

It’s pretty simple; business needs to be recognized in the local market first before taping the opportunities in the global marketplace. Similarly, websites must target the local target audience through local search optimization to get a competitive advantage for driving organic traffic globally.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to perform local SEO audit for your website

Nevertheless, no strategy of search optimization can work well without understanding the current position of the website in targeted search engines and overall health to meet user’s requirements. It can be done by auditing your the whole of your website for local searches.

If you aspire for targeting local or global users, you must understand that it’s...

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Essential Things To Consider For LMS Website Maintenance

It is that time of the year again where people are enrolling into new subjects, but the Millennials are not into those old looking learning management systems (LMS). You need to refresh it every once in a while, and the proper maintenance of the website is the key to it.

LMS is widely accessed and used by students every now, and then so it is going to be cluttered with a lot of mess. This is going to affect the website loading speed frustrating the young generation because they might have put their favorite show on hold just to submit one assignment.

Essential Things To Consider For LMS Website Maintenance

There is no rocket science, or complication involves in maintaining the learning management system website, but you have to put efforts to do it on a regular interval. If you can’t do it on your own, then you can hire the professional website maintenance services Dubai to do it for you.

However, if you want to learn the elements...

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Essential Considerations To Develop A Website For Government Agencies

Creating a website for government institutions is different from other types because it requires critical understand technical and security elements. It is not possible without having a proper understanding of the organizational hierarchy of the institution, its functionalities, and responsibilities in the government machinery. It is therefore imperative to consider all essential elements before setting out to develop a responsive web portal to accommodate government sector needs.

Nevertheless, the significance and scope of government organizations are widespread, and so, many institutions manage in-house IT teams to help them accomplish their website creation and maintenance activities. However, a few institutions sign MoU with third party service providers for the services of website solutions. In this way, the public-private partnership brings innovation to the existing strategy for...

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Essential Features Your Startup Ecommerce Website Needs

What started off as a virtual marketplace has now become a sphere with its independent market share in a nation’s industry! Owing to the many benefits it provides customers over physical stores, ecommerce is taking the consumer world by storm!

According to forecasted stats, the UAE ecommerce market value in the year 2018 amounted to about 10 billion USD. The GCC ecommerce may quadruple to about $20 billion by the year 2019. The increased reliance on ecommerce websites have got customers relaxed and lined up in front of their computer screens for their purchases.

essential e commerce website features

The best ecommerce development companies offer their services that can help you design the professional websites that your customers will love! However, here are some features that you should consider during making of ecommerce store while doing it yourself.

Critical features to have on your e-commerce website:


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3 Critical Website Usability Issues You Need To Fix To Retain E-Customers

As online shopping takes the world by storm, the importance of an easy to use. Well designed, well-structured E-store comes to light. More and more businesses today are hoping to expand their customer base by the inclusion of E-stores in their portfolio. And it seems to be going well with consumers.

The online spending of consumers was expected to reach 9.8 Billion dollars by the end of 2018. As the trend for shopping online increases in the Middle East, it has become essential for a business to come up with foolproof designs of their E-stores to ensure the customers remain pleased with them.

Critical website usability issues

To keep up with changes and issues in your web design, opt for companies in website maintenance Dubai. The best in the field ensure that your E-store remains an ideal store that your customers love to shop from.

Here are Three Common Website Usability Issues in E-Store

The following text...

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How To Strike The Google Penguin Changes With Your Web Design

The importance of the primary marks follows this order; quality content, social value, user experience, website designing and SEO. The whole SEO strategy is based on these elements. The success of any SEO strategy lies in how well the company uses the understanding of social media networks, written content and link building.
The three (3) main things that work in collaboration with SEO are reputation management, online branding and visibility.

here how to strike the Google penguin changes with web design

top 5 SEO tips to beat Google penguin with web design:

1. Get rid of all similar anchor links:

Your content can left best on its own without any monotonous anchor links. If you post a well-written content with relevant graphics, don’t worry, it will do its job. In order to make the links branded a wise option is to diversify those links.

2. Get rid of harmful domain names and websites:

If you are planning to buy a domain name or a...

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How To Create Your Apparel Store In 8 Easy Steps

If you’re planning on making an online store for your apparel business you’ve probably never could have come up with a better idea. As the commercial dynamics shift and online shopping becomes an increasingly preferred choice, consumers are turning towards companies with an online store. They make shopping easier by allowing consumers to buy form the confines of their own home.

Tips on Creating Apparel Ecommerce Store

According to a survey, consumers in the UAE are increasingly turning towards online shopping. 50% of respondents, said they resorted to online shopping, and over 80% of this respondents claimed they were satisfied with the services.

For a clothing line that makes jaws drop, you need an online store that does the same. Hire professional web development company Dubai to create a store that’s not only a favourite of your customers’ but also designed to make jaws drop!

8 easy steps to create your apparel


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Move a Step Forward towards a Successful International Business

With a specific end goal to have a truly prospering business that is perceived on a worldwide level, you have to have an appealing site. You have to discover a site originator who is focused on enhancing the possibilities of organizations by means of the Internet.

Move a step forward towards a successful international business

Website creators are masters who have the capacity to transform a little business into a corporate global venture by the advancement of items and administrations in such a way, to the point that even prospective customers who had not been formerly intrigued will need to see what is on offer. Numerous individuals feel that if your business vicinity is not felt on the Internet, then you will never find tremendous accomplishment ready to go.

Know how to start

The introductory venture to be taken when looking to start a tweaked site is to choose a moderate website design company that may maybe represent considerable...

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How to Make an eCommerce Business Store the Most Effective One?

Every online business store may need a perfect blend of ecommerce solution and that is why we are sharing all the important features. These ecommerce solutions will surely change the outlook of your online store and make it effective one.

Make eCommerce Business Store The Most Effective One

The Perfect Features for Your Ecommerce Business Store:

Snappy checkout or one-page checkout is incredible for customers who need no bother buys. The disservice of this peculiarity is that dealers would not have the capacity to gather significant customers’ email for follow-up battles and the customer will be unable to get request redesigns by means of email.

Drop Ship And Automated Email Systems

Acquiring the administrations of a drop shipper is a reasonable alternative for new shippers who don’t have any supplier contacts, don’t have space to store stock and don’t have the assets to pack and boat the items. Indeed prepared dealers use items...

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